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About Us

Our passion lies in creating houses to homes. We are fascinated, inspired and obsessed with interiors.

Curtains & Curtains started in 2005 after founders Anish Parekh and Manika Shah left their careers in technology and science respectively, to follow their passions. The business started from a home garage and has grown to become one of the largest online retailers for home furnishings. Our new purpose built warehouse and offices in London offer our customers' state of the art order packaging and processing facilities for virtually same day dispatch.

The team behind Curtains & Curtains should be given credit for the incredible success the company has seen in recent years.

A tradition of excellence
Quality. Service. Care.
With our talented production team every product is sourced from the most reputable manufacturers in the world.
We will never falter from ethos of excellence.

C&C values

Curtains & Curtains is a fully independent family business. Running and developing a company such as Curtains & Curtains could not have been done without a rigorous set of principles.

Through the years Curtains & Curtains has embraced changes and innovations while maintaining its true core values of quality and excellence in service. We vow to carry this principle onwards and forwards.



Most recently we have been committed to supporting ALTA (Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance).
With a total population of 30-35 individuals, the Amur leopard, or Far Eastern leopard, is one of the most - if not the most - endangered large cats on earth.
Support ALTA with us by donating to


Street Children in Kenya

Having come from Kenya, co-founder Anish takes an active role in various charities to support street children in Kenya. Most of our charity work is directly involved with known schools and institutions during Anish's visits to Kenya.
If you are interested in participating in other charities to help street children in Kenya please donate to



A fan of Curtains & Curtains or not, these beautiful wallpapers will make stunning desktop backgrounds on your PC or mobile.
Wallpapers without the logo are available up on request.

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