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At the moment we are loving black. You may not be brave enough to adorn your walls with black wall paper or wrap your floors in rich black carpet, but we surely hope you can give your windows and furniture a touch of black.
Let me tell you why we think black is so beautiful. Ever wondered why black is so popular with professionals? Its a powerful colour, its overwhelming its capable of giving you power. In your home black can make you gasp when you see it for the first time. Imagine a full black curtain with hints of metallic silver embroidery. Every design introduced now always comes with a shade of black.

What's popular at the moment?

Easily it has to be our black faux silk eyelet curtains. They are truly stunning, with a subtle shimmer, a look of complete and total luxury. Fully lined and available in 11 sizes including long drop of 108 which is currently our most popular size. Maybe these beautiful black silk curtains are the 'people's choice' because they are a safer choice. The plain faux silk fabric matches all decors easily and the chrome silver eyelets give every room a modern touch.

Tordero and Balance designer curtains are new and our personal favourites. The tordero is a pencil pleat curtain with black faux silk base fabric decorated with a pintuck silver band for a ooohh-sooo-beautiful finish. From initial reactions the Tordero curtains will surely create a storm. Well we hope so!

Balance curtains actually give you exactly what the name suggests. The perfect balance of colours, with a bland of black, beige, cream and brown. The harmony of a modern ring top curtain with vertical stripes, contrast horizontal band and stunning heavyweight fabric. This curtain design is the idyllic portrayal for modern curtains.

Black voiles are hidden gems. Those beautiful sensual voiles create the perfect ambience in every decor. If you are still using the old traditional net curtains, then its time to ditch them. Voiles are made from a see through polyester fabric providing adequate privacy and outstanding light control. Use them with your main black curtains to create a boudoir that would be the envy of your friends. Voiles are available in slot top heading, tab top heading and eyelet heading. We even have some faux silk eyelet voiles (I really recommend these).

We cannot emphasise enough that black is a beautiful colour, especially if used correctly. For the best look compliment your black curtains with cushions and tie backs in bold colours. For example if you employ our faux silk black curtains, then use a fuscia beaded tie back and compliment your sofas with various cushions in shades of pink or in black with pink embroidery. (Can you picture this!? Am I starting to drive your imagination? ) Or instead of pink, have you thought of teal maybe, or even red, actually lime green is quite great with black. When decorating let your imagination take control, it will always look great. Because when you decorate the way your heart wants to, its always beautiful.



Black Eyelet Voile

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