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Importance of cleaning Bedding

It is a long known fact that, we spend one third of our life sleeping or resting. This means we spend approximately one third of our life in our bedroom, on our bed. Most of us expect our bed to be clean and comfortable when we hit the bed after a tiring and exhausting day, hoping to get refreshed after a good night sleep. But we seldom realize that an unclean bedding can pose health problems, making us deprived of sleep and rest.

Impact of unclean bedding

Bedsheets and other bedding items become home to many insects such as bed bugs and other allergens. These harmful allergens can cause a number of diseases including allergies, skin rashes etc... lowering your immunity. They thrive on unclean bedding and will continue to stay until the bedding is washed. Bedspreads and other bedding items tend to contain residues of food, oil, dirt, bodily fluids etc.

Bedding maintenance tips

In order to avoid accumulation of dirt and other undesirable substances in bedding wash the frequently used bedding items such as bedsheets and pillow cover on a weekly basis. Wash filled bedding products such as pillows twice a year. For bedding items which are not used often, pat the bedding slightly to let any loose dirt or dust fall out.Regular dusting of bedding can help keep it clean and protect your family from illness.

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