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Cleaning bedspreads

Wash the bedspread or comforter using the gentle or delicate cycle in your washing machine. It's best to use cold water. Large washable bedspreads do not fit into normal washers. Large washable bedspreads can be washed in laundromat. Laundromats are cheaper and are large enough to hold large bedspreads.

To remove stains, spray prewash product on the stained area of the fabric. Test the bedspread for color bleeding by dipping a corner in the detergent solution. To remove stains from bedspreads that are not colorfast, use a professional dry clean service.

Hand washing bedspread

  1. Fill the bathtub or sink with water and add detergent.
  2. The amount of detergent you add should be same as that you use in normal washer.
  3. Mix the detergent well and add the bedspread.
  4. Swish the detergent water mixture around with your hands. This will bring the fabric in contact with the cleaning agent.
  5. Rinse the bedspread in clean water and ensure all detergent substance is removed from the bedspread fabric.
  6. Dry the washed bedspread by line drying it.

Machine wash bedspread

  1. Run the bedspreads in washing machine in gentle cycle in luke warm water.
  2. Run bedspread in extra spin if the bedspreads have too much.
  3. It will also help detergent residue from the bedspread.
  4. Avoid using bleach as it can affect the fabric.
  5. Dry the bedspread in dryer until it is 95% dry.


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