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Cleaning Chenille Curtains

Washing chenille curtains in machine will be suicidal for the fabric, as it tends to disperse and shed loops of fabric in water.Chenille curtains can be hand washed using the following steps:

Washing instructions

  1. Fill a bathtub or bucket with warm water, enough to soak curtain. Dissolve mild detergent or soap in the water. Immerse chenille curtains in water and gently swirl the curtain in water.
  2. Allow the the curtain to remain submerged in the after for about 20 minutes and then drain the soap water from the bathtub/bucket.
  3. Refill the bathtub with warm water again and gently work soap out of the curtain fabric by hand. Drain the detergent based water out of the tub.

Rinsing Instructions

  1. Fill the bathtub again, this time with cold water. Use fabric conditioner as per manufacturer's instructions. Allow the curtain to soak in conditioner for about 10 minutes.
  2. Swirl the curtain in fresh cold water for about 30 minutes to remove conditioning substance from fabric.
  3. After draining the bathtub, roll the chenille curtain in log shape and squeeze out excess water from the fabric. Ensure you do not wring the fabric during this process.

Drying Chenille Curtains

Like most other curtains, dry the chenille curtains by laying it on large bath towels which help soak moisture from the fabric. Chenille curtain can then be used in air fluff or delicate cycle in a dryer to dry it further.


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