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Cleaning Cotton Curtains

Washing cotton curtains, especially white cotton curtains can sometimes pose a challenge. Here are few washing guide instructions that can help you clean cotton curtains and retains the curtain shine and color.

Pre-wash instructions

  1. Remove all curtain hardware like curtain rings.
  2. Check the label of cotton curtain to know any washing instruction provided by the manufacturer. For example 'Dry Clean' would indicate that the curtain should strictly be dry cleaned.
  3. Dissolve mild detergent in luke warm water and spot test on a small section of the cotton curtain.

This can help in testing if the detergent has any negative effects on curtain color and texture

Washing Instructions

  1. After receiving successful spot test result, mix mild detergent in a bucket filled with luke warm water and immerse the curtain in it.
  2. Ensure the curtain is completely sub merged in water.
  3. Gently rub the cotton curtain to remove any stains and dirt in fabric. If necessary wash the curtain in mild detergent again.
  4. Wash the curtain in cold water by gently swirling it in cold water.

Drying Cotton Curtains

Washable curtains can be line dried or dried on low setting. Cotton curtains should be removed from dryer before it is 100% dry. Over drying cotton curtains can leave wrinkles on fabric. It is natural for cotton curtains to shrink after washing. To remove wrinkles and regain original length iron the curtain when it is 90% dry.


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