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Cleaning Curtains

Curtains like any other fabric lose their color, shine and texture due to a number of factors such as dust, heat, chemicals etc. Here is a sneak peek on what happens when curtains are exposed to following elements and how to counteract the effect of the same:


Continuous exposure to sunlight can deteriorate the curtains fabric. The harmful Ultra violet rays causes curtain fabric to fade and lose its shine. Dark fabrics tend to fade sooner than light fabrics as they absorb more sunlight. Attaching a thin protective film on window can help protect both curtains and other furniture from the harmful effects of Sunlight.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are tiny spider like insects that thrive on human and animal skin. Their common breeding ground is soft furnishing items like curtains, rugs, carpets etc. Dust mites not just add to fading of the curtains but also cause a number of medical conditions such as allergies, cold, asthma etc. Cleaning curtains regularly along with other soft furnishing items can keep a check on dust mites.


The humidity in the air can cause the fabric to shrink or expand depending on the fabric composition.


Continuous accumulation of dust can affect the durability of the fabric. It also attracts insects and pests and cause further damage to the fabric. Dusting draperies and curtains by giving a tap on the fabric regularly can help prevent dirt accumulation.

Other Factors

While the factors listed above have well documented solutions and preventive tips, there is also another major factor that we cant avoid but exists in most houses, 'the mischievous hands of children'. Kids tend to hide behind the curtains and play with the fabric while innocently transferring food substances like jam, chocolate syrup and chemicals such as paint, glue etc on the curtain fabric.

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