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Cleaning Embroidered Bedding

Before cleaning/ washing embroidered bedding such as embroidered duvets, read the manufacturer's label to know cleaning instructions. It is advisable to test if the fabric can withstand mild detergents.

Hand wash instructions

  • For new embroidered bedding items such as vintage linen that have been worked in cotton embroidery thread, vacuum the linen using small nylon cover placed over vacuum hose.
  • For cleaning soiled linens and duvet covers: Use mild detergent solution to remove stains. Rinse the embroidered bedding material after soaking in water. The embroidered linen must be soaked at least twice in water in room temperature.

Drying instructions

  • To dry the embroidered linens, lay it flat on old fluffy towel, as it can absorb moisture from the linen.
  • Press the linen and do not iron the linen. As opposed to ironing, pressing is done by lifting the iron from the surface of the fabric, to move it to the next spot. Pressing fabric does not involve back and forth movement of the Iron.

Dos and Don't s while cleaning embroidered bedding

  1. Stains such as rust, food, grease etc must be spot cleaned using cleaning agent. Most manufacturers recommend a certain cleaning agent for their embroidered bedding product. Use a cotton swab to dab the diluted cleaning solution on the the stain directly, to remove any stain. Rinse thoroughly with water in room temperature.
  2. Always soak and do not scrub the fabric. Soak embroidered fabric by gently pressing the fabric towards the bottom of the bathtub or sink. Use a mild cleaning solution and swish it to blend thoroughly with the fabric. This will help remove strong stains.
  3. Do not wring the fabric as it can damage the embroidery thread and tear the fabric.
  4. Do no use bleach.
  5. For cleaning embroidered comforters use professional dry cleaning service. This will avoid color bleeding and damage of embroidered fabric. Comforters made of color-fast materials can be hand washed. To try the comforters, run it in dryer under air fluff cycle.


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