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Cleaning Jacquard Bedding

Jacquard bedding gives a majestic and luxurious look to bedroom. Jacquard silk fabric is usually machine washable. But the intricate pattern of the jacquard weave makes it exclusive for soft furnishing qualifies it for extra care. Machine washing jacquard comforters is not an option for removing stains as it can shrink the comforter.

Removing Stains

  • To remove recent stains from comforter, use dampened while washcloth to blot any fluid from jacquard comforter. This will prevent the stain from settling into the comforter fabric.
  • Mild solvent cleaner can be used to remove stains followed using rinsed washcloth, to remove solvent. Few manufacturers also recommend certain cleaning solution safe to be used with jacquard comforter.

Cleaning Comforter

  • To clean the entire comforter, strip the jacquard comforter from the bed and use home dry cleaning kit to clean the comforter. A safer and a bit more expensive way to this would be, to get the comforter cleaned from a professional dry cleaning service company.
  • To dry the comforter, lay the edge of the comforter on ironing board and cover the comforter with a smooth cloth. Iron the comforter in medium setting until the comforter is smooth.


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