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Cleaning Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors are designed to safeguard mattress from dirt, dust mites, organic substances and other bodily liquids. Thus its becomes mandatory to wash mattress protectors to keep family safe from bugs and allergens as they tend to accumulate in unclean bedding.

Washing instructions

For a mattress that is used rarely, washing the cover twice a year would be sufficient. Mattresses that are used regular tend to become unhygienic. Wash the mattress covers at least once a month. Smaller mattress covers can be washed on warm cycle using regular detergent. For mattress covers cup of bleach can be added to the wash cycle. For colored mattress covers, use color safe bleach. Borax can also be a good alternate to bleach. In addition, adding cup borax also eliminates dust mite and allergens.

Drying instructions

To dry the mattress protectors that have not been used often, dry the covers on low cycle on the dryer. This will avoid shrinking of the mattress cover fabric. For frequently used mattress covers, the covers can be run in high cycle as it can return the original length of the mattress cover. Before covering the mattress with freshly cleaned and dried mattress protectors, air the mattress. It also recommended to vacuum the mattress to remove any dust mites and allergens. This will allow you to enjoy the fresh clean mattress cover even better.

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