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Cleaning Silk Bedding

Silk sheets can be washed in cold or luke warm water using a mild detergent. Avoid using chemicals and bleach. For machine wash, run silk sheet in delicate cycle that is designated either for wool or silk. It recommended to shorten the spin cycle, especially if you are using an older washing machine. To dry the sheets, air dry the sheets under indirect sunlight. Also keep dark colored silk sheets away from direct sunlight as it can cause fading of the fabric.

Silk Duvet Care

Silk duvets unlike other bedding products do not gather much dust or dust mites. On a regular sunny day, it is recommended to air the duvet thrice a year, under indirect sunlight. Use warm water with a dab of mild detergent to remove stains from the fabric. Ensure the silk duvets are machine washable by the reading the instructions on manufacturer’s label.

Maintaining Comforter

Remove the cover from the comforter and hand wash the comforter with cold or luke warm water as done for washing silk sheets. Do not run silk comforters in washing machine. To dry the the comforter hang it outside on a bright sunny day.


Aubergine Silk Bedding

Silk Bedding

Quilted Grey Silk Bedding

Silk Bedding

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