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Cleaning Silk Curtains

Silk fabric has been in use for centuries since its discovery, by Empress Si Ling Chi back in 2700 B.C. It is said that the empress discovered the fabric when a silk worm cocoon accidentally fell into her tea cup , unraveling beautiful long silk threads. Since then, silk has been considered as a symbol of richness and luxury, one that only Kings and Queens could afford.

Today Silk fabric has found its way into everything from curtains to bed covers. But the richness and fabric tensile strength can be maintained, only with proper handling and care. The most preferred and safe way to clean silk curtain is to hand wash it; although one should check the washing instructions on the label to ascertain that the fabric is washable.

Washing instructions

Washable silk curtains can be hand laundered using mild detergent or soap in luke warm water.
It is recommended you try dipping a corner of the curtain in water and do a patch test to ensure the fabric is washable. Silk curtains should not be squeezed roughly.

To rinse out the soap fill the sink basin with cool water. Then add one quarter cup of white vinegar. This will help remove any soap residue and restore natural shine of the silk fabric. Finally rinse the fabric in cold water.

Drying Instructions

Post rinsing, silk curtains should be hanged to dry under shade. In case of excess water in fabric, do not wring the fabric instead wrap it in a towel such that the towel absorbs excess water. Also care should be taken to ensure silk curtains are not exposed to sunlight or extreme heat.

It is natural for the hand washed silk curtains to display few wrinkles. Use Iron in low heat and iron the silk curtain on the reverse side. This will avoid exposing the delicate silk fabric to excess heat.

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