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Cleaning Velvet Curtains

For over centuries velvet fabric just like silk, was owned by the rich and people with royal heritage. Perhaps due to the tricky part of the maintaining and cleaning velvet fabric, many of use would have let the rich enjoy the soft touch of the velvet.

Fortunately we now know easier and more economical way of cleaning velvet fabric. As a rule of thumb it is recommended to dry clean velvet curtains once in a year(depending on daily use and maintenance). Curtains labeled as 'Dry Clean only' should strictly be kept away from water.

Pre-wash instructions

The velvet curtains will have to be prepped before washing by removing dirt and debris using vacuum cleaner or hairbrush with firm bristles.

It is also a general maintenance tip to to brush and vacuum velvet curtain in the direction of pile.
This ensures retention of texture and shine.

Spot cleaning

To spot clean velvet curtains, gently scrape dirt.
To remove stains, mop liquid from fabric using mild detergent based water. Avoid using water, post spot cleaning as it can create water marks and others stains. Use paper towels or soft cloth with absorbing properties to absorb moisture form the cleaned spot.It is also recommended to test the cleaning methodology on a hidden area of curtain as a precautionary measure.


Vintage Cut Velvet Silver Curtain

Velvet Curtain

Vintage Cut Velvet Purple Curtain

Velvet Curtain

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