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Cleaning Voile and Net Curtains

Net and voile curtains serve the purpose of blocking excess sunlight as well as add aesthetic appeal to your room. But these curtains tend to fade due to accumulated dust and may lose their tensile strength when no washed for a long period of time.

Cleaning Net Curtains

Dust mites can be removed by shaking the curtain into a fluttering and fury way, while it is still attached to the rod. Black mold can be removed by cleaning the fabric with hydrogen peroxides. This helps in killing viable pores. A spray of vinegar and water can help bring down mildew.

Machine wash instructions: Net curtains can be run in warm temperature in washing machine. Net curtains should not be subjected to spin dry in washing machine. Washing net curtains in spin dry can add wrinkles and shrink the fabric. Test a part of the curtain in low heat for Iron. It is recommended that net curtains be ironed only on low heat.

Cleaning Voile curtains

Always start with reading the manufacturer label to know washing and cleaning instructions. Voile curtains are usually recommended to be hand washed. Voile curtains can be washed in lukewarm water with mild detergent. Branded washing solutions such as Glo Care Net Curtain Whitener (85p for 3 x 50ml sachets) can be used instead of bleach.

Dry voile curtains on line to avoid whitening of fabric due to sunlight. To iron the fabric use low heat and iron on reverse side.


Voile and Net Orange Floral Curtain

Voile and Net Curtain

Voile and Net Plain Red Curtain

Voile and Net Curtain

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