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Preview of upcoming competitions in 2012.

  • The wow-cushion deal: 50% discount voucher only on the icushion, if you 'like' us on Facebook, retweet or follow us on twitter.
  • C&C at home: 50+ word 'Idea' and send us a photo of our products in your home and get the chance to win £50 voucher every month (photos can be emailed or sent to mobile phone).
  • Cashback giveaway: £20 voucher on all orders over £175 (Bank Holiday orders)
  • Share & Share: Recommend a friend and both of you will receive a 10% voucher.
  • Retweet & Chill: Retweet and get the chance to win a comfortable icushion every week!
  • Pin the cushion: Pin your favourite items and we will enter you into our weekly icushion competition.
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