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Curtain poles and tracks might not be the most exhilarating home furnishing purchase you can make but, as of yet, curtains have not found another way to hang gracefully in front of your windows/doors without a little help from these essential accessories. Before you rush into buying a curtain pole note that they can actually subtly enhance the design of your room! Choose from a minimal hidden track or a grand curtain pole that adds drama to your window frame.

Types of Curtain Poles & Tracks

First of all, get acquainted with the materials that curtain poles are commonly made of - you'll find wooden poles, metal poles, plastic poles, metal tracks and plastic tracks. The type you opt for will be somewhat determined by your budget but if you're not sure which design will suit your room, wooden and plastic curtain poles are great for when you want to choose or change their colour and metal poles are perfect for adding a touch of class in silver, gold or bronze effects. You can also pick from metallic, hand painted, vintage and antique finishes.

The cheapest curtain tracks come in PVC whilst common metal poles are made of aluminium or steel.

For every design of window there is a suitable curtain pole or track type, which means there are the curtain poles and tracks to suit the following types of window:

  • Straight window
  • Bay window
  • Curved window

Corded vs Uncorded Tracks

Uncorded tracks are those which do not have a corded pully system to help with opening the curtains. The benefit of corded tracks is that they help handle your curtains with care and protect fabrics that are easily damaged. Corded tracks are also useful for heavy curtains and for tall windows as they make your job easier - hand's up who's wrestled with a curtain before? Oops!

Finishing Touches

There are a couple of finishing touches to remember to give your windows the perfect curtain:

Finials: The best part of curtain shopping has to be picking a fancy finial! These are the shapes and ornaments that go on the ends of your curtain poles and can make a real statement. Opt for royal fleur de lys, romantic swirls, melodramatic points or simple spheres.

Hold backs: These handy accessories should be attached to your walls so that the ends of your curtains can be hooked or tied back when you want your curtains open wide.

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Tips on Using Curtain Poles & Tracks

  • Ensure you purchase the right brackets to go with your curtain poles - with the right installation wooden curtain poles should be no weaker than metal ones.
  • When you buy your curtain poles or tracks make sure you stock up on the following accessories:
    • Spare parts - such as additional gliders, brackets and end stops for tracks and spare curtain rings for use with curtain poles
    • Extension brackets - these are convenient for deep windows or getting curtains further away from the wall, such as to get past radiators
    • Draw rods - these are nifty for helping pull curtains across on uncorded tracks
    • Spray lubricant - keep your curtains running smoothly with this
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