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Curtains and Drapes

Curtains are quite complicated if its your first experience with them. (Not instilling any confidence are we.) But don't worry, thats what we are here for and this is the right place for you to start.

Lets put it this way, if I know everything there is to know about curtains, then it really shouldn't be a problem for you!

What are drapes?

I am answering this question first, because it seems our cousins on the other side of the Atlantic are influencing our vocabulary and drapes is becoming a common word within the industry for some. For those who don't know what we mean by drapes, its simply another word for curtains. Now that wasn't difficult was it.

If at this point; you ask me "what are curtains" ... I am not sure how I would react!

For those of you who frequent this page, we have a few quick links below to window measuring guides, fabric guides, design guides and curtain size guides.

Is your kitchen colour hinting that you are a bad cook

According to a recent study the colour you choose to give your kitchen, conveys a lot about your culinary skills. Monochromatic kitchen and white kitchen walls are no longer preferred. A little excitement in blinds and curtains can also make cooking interesting. Read More...

Cleaning Velvet Curtains

Soft, shiny, rich, luxurious... velvet curtains have all the qualities you find in a good quality curtain, that is also appealing to the eye. But as in the case of most pretty things in this world, velvet curtains are delicate to maintain and handle. Luckily, a few hard and fast rule of cleaning can save the fabulous velvet drapes from falling prey to bad laundering. Read More...

Hanging a curtain like a pro

Fabric quality - check, Color - check, Length - check, Accessories - check, but where I do start to hang this perfect curtain on the curtain pole? Yes most of who are new to home improvement get stuck with simple task such as hanging curtain. The process of hanging a curtain like a pro begins with unpacking the curtain. Read More...

Can curtains help with your bills?

Getting retired this month and wondering on how to cut down on your expense? Well, using extra long curtains during winter can definitely help you save on electricity. Thermal Curtains can avoid usage of power consuming electric heaters. These curtains can retain the heat in you room and help you save electricty. Read More...

Dining rooms must be dramatic

Large, small, rectangular, wood, glass and so many other types of dining furnishing can be used for dining. The singular accessory that can bind the dining furniture with existing decor in your house, is curtains. Choosing the right curtain type and color can turn your dull family dinner into a vibrant family get together. Read More...

Dont be bored by your curtains

Curtains have come a long way from a dull plain single shade fabric to vibrant and exciting home decor. You can choose curtains according to the ambience you wish to feel in your room. Tropical, floral, poppy curtains etc each give an exciting appearance to your room. Read More...


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Velvet Curtains

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