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Decorative Cushions Guide


Cushions won't be something you'll always have high on your shopping list, but when you're updating your bedding or want to compliment your new sofa, a lovely cushion or two can be the perfect finishing touch! With so many fabulous designs to choose from, adding new cushions to your furniture can not only improve your comfort but give a splash of colour or hint of elegance to your room.

Types of Cushions

Whether you want cushions to pad out your office chair, plump up your settee or add depth to your bedstead, there are various different shapes, sizes, fillings and designs to choose from:

Throw/Scatter Cushions

If someone asked you to draw a cushion this is probably the type you'd opt for; a standard square or rectangular cushion which is perfect for literally scattering across your bed or couch. These come in all different sizes, prints and fabrics meaning you can mix and match them to suit your colour scheme and styling.


This type of cushion isn't as commonly used, but is a functional log shape pillow that can support the back of your neck as you laze on your sofa, bed or chaise lounge. They also work well as bumpers for a baby crib.

Bench & Chair Cushions:

If you have hard, flat kitchen chairs then choose bench or chair cushions that will keep your derriere content on an otherwise tiresome surface. These cushions often tie at the back to keep them securely in place on your seat.

Floor Cushions:

Floor cushions are a Japanese tradition and can be a funky addition to any chill out space. These large square cushions are an alternative to bean bags and are ideal for those who like to settle down on the floor, particularly children.

Bedding Basics

Cushion Fillings, Coverings & Finishing Touches

When you're picking out new cushions you'll want to consider what these cuddly wonders are filled with - synthetic or natural fillings (such as duck or goose feathers). Synthetic materials are great for those who have allergies or need to wash their cushions frequently, whilst natural fillings will keep a superior shape for longer.

Then there are the coverings to ponder over - the fun bit of picking a cushion! Choose from bold screen prints, fabulous floral patterns, simple stripes or retro fabrics that really make a statement. Cushions come in a range of fabrics too (who'd have thought there'd be so much to think about?) from quality cottons, thick velvets, lightweight linens, soft chenille or glamorous silks. Plus, keep your eye out for those cushions that have luxurious finishing touches like tasselled corners, intricate braids or classic piped edging.

Tips on How to Use Cushions

  • Use cushions as a central design feature for your lounge or bedroom with bold designs that catch the eye.
  • Mix and match sizes and coverings to add variety and depth to your furnishings.
  • Play around with position by rotating some cushions diagonally and placing some straight on.
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