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You can 'perfect' your home interior however you like, but if you walk in the front door and it's dark, no one will see your efforts! Getting the right lighting set up in your house can affect the overall design as well as the mood of every room. Using lights to enhance a space is a much overlooked technique but don't fret - here's our guide to getting your lighting just right!

Room by Room Lighting Tips


Let's start with one of the most versatile home accessories, mirrors. These simple glass products can dramatically change the overall appearance of your room, reflecting light to create the illusion of a bigger space. Mirrors can be used in any room in your home and come in various shapes and sizes. They can look excellent framed and unframed. Not to mention they're handy for checking on your complexion, hair or fabulous new outfit!


This is the first place you or your guests will see when entering your home, so the lighting here should be soft and welcoming. Wall mounted lights are a great choice for hallways as they require little space and help avoid the clutter of leads. To highlight artwork or coat hooks use track or spot lights whilst lighting on your stairways is essential for safety purposes.

Living Room

This room is the centre of most households and means versatile lighting is needed for socialising, child's play and relaxation. Dimmer controls allow you to adapt lighting levels throughout the day and create the appropriate mood. Uplighters, down lighters, table lamps and floor lamps all work well in this space too.



You need to be able to see what you're doing when creating your culinary work of art, so practical lighting is essential! Clean bright light is a popular choice in the kitchen with fluorescent bulbs being ideal. For directing light around the room, track or recessed lighting is useful. Under cupboard lighting is good for keeping your kitchen surfaces illuminated.!

Dining Room

Use your dining room for entertaining? We thought as much. Impress your dinner guests with lighting that is relaxed and fresh. For when a romantic dinner's on the cards, a pendant light above the table is very stylish, whilst a crystal chandelier can add a grand twist to your interior design. Dimmer switches are again handy devices to have in this space and picture lights can help highlight your art and family photos. Put those special occasion snaps under a spotlight where they belong!


Make your living room or bedroom super cosy with the addition of cushions. Choose from complimenting colours or striking, contrasting designs that make a statement on your settee! Cushions come in the standard rectangular form as well as novelty shapes and sturdy bolsters; a variety of fabrics are also available from soft jerseys to shaggy furs or glamorous velvets.

Lighting Styles & Types

Picking out the right lights can be a lengthily process, there's so much to choose from! Lights can be contemporary, retro/vintage or with Medieval or Victorian styling. They come in various forms too

  • Floor lamps: tall lamps that stand on the floor.
  • Table/Desk lamps: shorter lamps that sit on table surfaces, including desk spot lights Spot lights - directional lights that create focal points
  • Spot lights: directional lights that create focal points
  • Ceiling lights: these include pendants and chandeliers

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