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Fabric Bestselling Design

The use of fabric in your interior design is not just limited to your curtains and couch! There are various ways to add a soft touch to your room, from cushions and pillows to wall coverings, lamp shades and art prints. Whether you want to know more about ready-made fabric accessories or how to use fabric in your own home crafts, read on for a 'what's-what' in all things textile!

Where Can Fabric Be Used

The use of fabric in your home is a great way to show off your softer side, creating spaces to cuddle up in or adding a gentle finish to otherwise sharp and modern designs. If you've decided against bold wallpapers, fabrics can be used to add statement features on your windows, sofas or walls!

Fabric Bestselling Design


Cushions are finishing touches you just can't ignore. Add a splash of colour to your room with plain, bright coloured cushions or choose patterns and prints that really stand out. Fabric cushions are an ideal addition to your living room if you have a leather sofa and can add depth to your perfectly made bed. Cushions covers can be ready bought or home-made out of a length of your preferred fabric design.

Curtains & Pelmets

Ok, we know you've already thought of this one, but a mention of curtains and pelmets is essential when it comes to fabric use! You can either choose 'off-the-rack' curtains in a pattern you like (these are hassle-free and ready to hang) or purchase fabric that you love first and hire a professional curtain maker to put together a curtain or pelmet design customised to fit your windows.

Art Prints & Canvases

Decorate your walls with fabric artwork. You can either choose an abstract fabric canvas piece or pick a piece of fabric that takes your fancy and frame it!

Lamp Shades

Another way to bring fabric into your home is through the use of fabric lamp shades. Why not match your lampshade with your curtains?



Turn your headboard into a piece of art with a bold, eye-catching piece of fabric covering as your bed headboard! Will you opt for quaint gingham, sophisticated damask or funky modern prints?



Surplus Fabric Use

If you've got some left over fabric, don't just bin it! Decide where else to add your favourite cloths around your home. You could create a dust ruffle for your bedstead (to hide away any under-bed clutter), line your laundry basket with a nice print or create your own fabric placemats and coasters?

Tips for Buying Fabric

  1. Stick things down!Most fabrics are sold per metre, so you'll need to make detailed measurements for your fabric furnishings before you hit the shops or order online.
  2. Clean easy? Do you share your home with cats, dogs or 'little monkeys'? Then consider getting clean easy fabrics that can either be bunged straight into the washing machine, sent to the dry cleaners or simply given a wipe over.
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