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Floral Bedding

It could be your love for roses or lilies or even ferns; floral bedding patterns have something for everyone. As an interior designer’s perspective floral bedding allows the use of multiple colours in one room setting and creates a natural harmony between the colour palettes. This is probably the primary reason why floral bedding has been the most popular choice for decades. On the other hand, on a personal perspective florals offer an uplifting yet relaxing look while not being a pattern that you would get tired of quickly. (Who gets tired of natural beauty after all!). For those of you who are sceptical about floral bedding, I would insist you change today and experience the joy of nature’s beauty.

Floral duvet covers are the most popular within the bedding range. Followed closely by floral cushions (boudoir) and floral bedspreads. We would recommend introducing floral patterns over the room in subtle ways. For example if you have invested in a lovely vintage floral duvet cover with a complimenting bedspread, you could add a floral rug or even floral curtains with subtle colours to match (bearing in mind the walls and carpets are not floral!). But in all honestly matching florals is so easy due to the palette of natural colours.

Currently vintage floral bedding has seen a huge rise in popularity, bringing with it petite roses and vine prints in pastel shades of blue, purple and green. Modern floral bedding is something that offers a more vibrant approach to colour, with shades of fuchsia, aubergines and teals. I am so dreamy just thinking about these floral bedding designs!

We offer the following floral bedding at Curtains & Curtains UK

  • Floral Bedspreads
  • Floral Duvet Covers
  • Floral Cushions
  • Floral Sheets
  • Floral Pillowshams
  • Floral Rugs
  • Floral Curtains
  • Floral Bedding Sets


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From £10.99

Multi-Coloured Floral Luxury Printed Duvet Cover

Floral bloom introduces gorgeous bright flowers on a crisp white base.

From £16.99

Oriental Luxury Vintage Patchwork Duvet Cover

A vibrant patchwork duvet cover with absolutely stunning colours & patterns! Super soft cotton blend for added luxury.

From £16.95

Annette Vintage Purple Floral Printed Duvet Cover

A glorious and chic duvet set featuring beautiful floral blooms in shades of purple and pink.

From £12.99

Reversible Tulip Plum Duvet Cover

This beautiful bedding uses bold large tulip flowers on a reversible cotton blend duvet cover.

From £12.99

Red Floral Vintage Duvet Cover

Vintage floral design on a soft cotton blend fabric, energized by uplifting new shades.

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