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So you've decorated your home from top to toe, with fresh new paint and fabulous furniture! Now it's time for the finishing touches. Stop and have a think about the wonders of art for your home. We're not talking about fine art masterpieces here - although if you've got a spare million (or twenty) for a Monet, it'll be more than a good investment. We mean striking affordable pieces to brighten up your walls or add a dramatic focal point to any room. Whether you want to create a place for serene relaxation, a space for play or an area for work; a great piece of art doesn't need to cost a fortune and can considerably change the mood of your home.

Types of Art for Your Homes

Whatever the expression you are trying to create with art, there are many different pieces to choose from. Here's a look at the different types of art to consider for your home:

Canvas Prints:

Let's start with the most popular form of contemporary interior art. Canvas prints come in all sizes, but generally in a square or rectangular shape. Canvas prints are stretched over a wooden frame and are sturdy yet lightweight. Any images can be printed on canvas, from remarkable patterns to classic landscapes or beautiful photography.

3 Piece Canvas Prints:

Make a statement with 3 eye-catching canvases placed in a row! Canvases with a connecting theme or evolving pattern look perfect on a large wall that needs a little more than just one piece of art.

Framed Art:

A fan of classical paintings? For a more traditional artistic accessory for your home, framed art is the way to go. There's a lot of flexibility with this format. Choose from traditional portraiture or funky modern prints and pick a frame to effortlessly compliment your colour scheme too. Art prints can be bordered by a choice of delicate, ornate, chunky or minimal surrounds.

Fabric Art:

Much the same as framed art, Fabric Art features printed or embroidered fabric as the central design.

Mirror Art:

Don't just use your mirror to see who is 'fairest of them all?'- use it as a piece of art! Choose from novelty shapes (splashes, hearts, flowers, etc) or mirrors with colourful details and patterns painted on.

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Artists Genres

Artwork comes in all sorts of genres meaning there's something to suit every taste! Here are some styles to choose from:

  • Modern and contemporary
  • Vintage and retro
  • Landscapes & Portraiture
  • Photography
  • Abstract
  • Quotes and Typography.

Tips on Picking Your Art

  1. Complimentary or Contrasting? Think about whether you'd like your artwork to subtly enhance your room or really pack a punch as a statement piece!
  2. Measure up. Don't forget to measure the space for which you're shopping. This will help you pick an art piece that won't overcrowd your room.
  3. Think long term! You've picked a crazy pattern, striking nude photo or bold pop art print - it's shocking and head-turning now, but will you still love it 6 months in? Remember, if you choose wisely good art can be with you for years.
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