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Crystal Lime Green Tassel Curtain Tie Back


Lime green modern beaded tassel tie back with large crystal bead and matching ribbons. These curtain tie backs are ideal for all curtain types.

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Discontinued Product

Lime green Crystal Beaded Tassel Curtain Tie Back

A modern tassel tie back complimented by a large crystal bead finished with stunning tassels and ribbons.

Unlike traditional tassel tie backs these are designed to be slim, contemporary and minimalistic. The crystal bead adds character and the generous rope embrace gives the entire tie back the perfect finishing.

Superior quality, stunning design, outstanding workmanship and fabulous finishing touch with any curtain. The beautiful range of colours and simple yet suprisingly bold design makes this our favourite. These tie backs are ideal with all curtain types, heavy or lightweight.

Tie backs sold individually.

Detailed Description

  • Lime green Crystal Beaded tassel curtain tie back
  • Slim modern tie back with crystal bead and ribbons
  • Tie backs are sold individually.
  • Embrace: 72cm
  • Top of bead to end of tassle: 21cm
  • Can be used with heavy and lightweight curtains.
  • Crystal bead is not made from real crystal.
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