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Types of voiles and nets are identified by the way we use them, where we use them and how we hang them. The popular types are as follows:

Voile curtains and panels


As you already know voiles panels are currently the most popular choice for homes. Mainly due to the variety of colours and designs available. Voile is a thin, airy, semi-transparent fabric which was originally used in dressmaking. Voile panels can be plain, embroidered or embellished. You can buy voiles in slot top heading, tab top heading and pencil pleat heading. And recently eyelet heading for contemporary interiors. They can be hung using curtain wire, curtain rods or even thin curtain poles upto 19mm diameters. The most popular voiles are plain voiles in cream or white with a slot top heading.

Cafe curtains

Cafe curtains are basically a specific type of net curtain typically used for decoration but mainly to filter sunlight through the top area of the window, whilst allowing an open view through the window below; or vice versa. Usually not more than 12-24 inches high, are available as plain, embroidered and embellished. As the name would suggest they became popular in cafes where they would offer customers a view when sat at tables while filtering the sunlight. They are also used in kitchens for privacy along the bottom part of the window while allowing sunlight along the top section of the window. Very popular nowadays and available in beautiful embroidery and colours. They can be hung using curtain rods or curtain wire.

Cafe nets and macrame


This is a shaped, full-length curtain, usually arched along the centre to allow an outside view. But compared to a cafe net they offer more privacy. Probably the most widely used of the net curtains mentioned above, but slowly being replaced with decorative voiles. Can be hung using curtain rods or curtain wire.

Purple lined voile curtains

Lined voile curtains

Are basically voile panels with a regular lining behind them. They create a visually stunning effect due to the light pouring through them into the room. Perfect for those who want privacy but prefer to have natural light. Very popular recently and perfect for dining rooms, living rooms and patio doors.

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