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Curtain Trends and Styles for 2010

Well as expected 2009 saw ready made curtains and bedding take another leap forward. In fact not just with us, department stores like Next and John Lewis have had surprising sales for ready made ranges. Just ten years ago ready made curtains were not available as lined. Look at the market now, blackout curtains, interlined curtains, maybe we will see ready made curtains with pinch pleat heading next! (We wish.)

Last year saw a surprising fall in desire for neutral curtains. And no surprise that we ended the year with eyelet ring top curtains as our best selling curtain heading by far. In fact twice as much as pencil pleat curtains. As expected before the start of 2010, faux silk curtains have been totally off the chart

Now the most surprising trend we have seen is the fall in sales for neutral colour shades like naturals and creams. In fact even more surprising should be the fall in demand for brown. Yes, that's unbelievable isn't it!). I think we have to contribute that to an overuse of brown everywhere. I mean sofas, beds and even carpets, everyone's selling and offering shades of brown or cream in abundance. Seeing that its naturally important to add colour in your room, most of our customer are buying red, black and duck egg blue curtains.
So the question is what is the colour for 2010. Well its easy; aubergine. Every curtain design, every bedding print or embroidery has an aubergine shade at the moment. And its already driving us mad, being unable to keep up with the demand. Aubergine eyelet curtains are obviously our best sellers, with existing ranges being reinvented in colours of aubergine and lime greens or deep aubergine and silvers. It's just stunning. We can't wait for delivery of our new collections, can you!?

For the last 3 years, we see curtain designers fighting a war against plains and stripes. It seems this year they have won. Florals and more florals, that's what we have in abundance this year. Its incredible how much one can do with flowers. You will see big bold designs with rich vibrant colour combinations. Personally I think its about time that we the British public embrace florals as a new frontier to curtains.
The right floral design can give your room a wow factor, making it look bigger and fresher. To men out there, don't worry, florals are no more considered just feminine. We have a new range of 'contemporary florals' as we call them due to the geometric pattern involved, and these designer curtains are absolutely perfect replacement for stripe curtains. Saying this, stripe curtains are currently our most popular!

It doesn't matter how many clients we talk to, the one thing that every client asks for is a eyelet heading for their curtain. No quibble there, they are delightfully easy on the eye with the even wave that it creates when closed. And not to mention the ease of removing them when cleaning is simply outstanding. Well personally I use them everywhere in my home!
Pencil pleat curtains will never be out of contention, simply because of the fact that they can be used with blackout linings. This is important to families who have children sleeping during the day. Tab top curtains can simply be considered as a dying breed.

A special mention should go out to a new type of curtain which is being introduced this year, Interlined curtains. What is interlining you may ask. Well it's simply a double layer of lining. So you will have your front fabric, followed by a think soft cotton wool like padding which is then protected by a thicker lining. This creates a thermal insulated, heavy, and well protected curtain. (Ingenious isn't it!) But wait, that's not the best part. Let me begin by mentioning that so far interlined curtains have been an exclusive to made to measure ranges and they cost anything from £200. But these readymade interlined curtains start from £30. Yes that's it!

On that bombshell (as Jeremy Clarkson would put it), hope you have a great 2010 and we shall keep in touch.




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