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Purple curtains  

Purple curtains

Purple curtains are very trendy at the moment. The deep shades offer an uplifting contemporary touch whereas the lighter pastel shades a more calming chic look.

More importantly purple is one of the easiest colours to coordinate and this makes its application simple, while ensuring you have something you can ‘hang on to’ (no pun intended!) even if trends change.

With my experience in the interiors industry, I would recommend purple curtains as a natural choice for every bedroom. There are so many co-ordinating purple bedding items to choose from, that you will never be bored of your accessories and changing things around will be a breeze.

One of the best purple room set examples I have seen can be found in our Room Set category. The range is simply exquisite and the accessories are purple accents which really gives the range a proper designer look.

Shades of purple curtains:
Lilac, aubergine, violet, lavender, mauve, magenta, damson, maybe fuschia and even amethyst.


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