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Ready Made Curtains ?

What are ready made curtains and drapes ?

Curtains not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your windows but also render an exquisite and welcoming touch. Curtains play a vital role in creating moods and ambience of a room. Based on the need, curtains have a variety of application. Different rooms have different requirements, therefore the choice of curtains depend on their need, lifestyle, trends and the personality of the room.

Eyelet curtains

Eyelet curtains are characterized by a row of metal edged rings at the top meant to hang the curtain. The main advantages that these curtains provide is the ease of sliding through the iron rod and an improved shelf life of your curtains. These curtains are usually based in fabrics like cotton, silk and polyster. They can render an eloquent look to your interiors with bold urbane patterns and solid colors.

Pencil pleat curtains

Pencil pleat is the most common and conventional style used in curtains. These curtains are best described as close pencil pleats arranged side by side neatly and uniformly. However these curtains would require you to use upto two and a half times more fabric than the width of your window. Though these are also reffered to as traditional curtains, they give a pleasnt look when employed in a modern fashion.

Black out curtains

Known for promoting green living, Black Out curtains are in great demand these days. These curtains are comparatively heavier and fuller than other types of curtains. As the name suggests these curtains offer benefit of blocking light and significant amount of noise. Moreover you can save considerable amount of money on your energy bill as these curtains are known to reduce heat tranfer by over 20- 30 %. These curtains are a smart option for kids’ rooms and bedrooms. Another eco friendly alternative to black out curtains are the lined curtains that possess thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Lined voile curtains

Lined voile curtains are based in a light weight fabric woven in cotton or blended with linen or polyester. Their light weight makes them most appropriate for soft furnishings especially in hot locations. Their resemblance to net and availability in a plethora of delightful patterns and colors make them a wonderful option. These curtains require a special less visible heading tape due to their semi- transparent feature.

Kitchen Curtains

If you are looking forward to buy kitchen curtains, you need to consider a lot of factors like the texture, colour, style, motifs etc. The theme and number of windows is equally important when deciding upon the kind of curtains you want to buy. For instance thermal curtains would block a lot of ight and make your kitchen look smaller than it actually is. On the other hand, light weight cream curtains not only render a more spacious look but are easier to wash as well. The most popular kitchen curtains include single or double panel curtains, café curtains, simple valance or a combination of valance and café curtains.

Childrens Curtains

Finding the right kind of curtains for your children’s room can be a lot of fun and a challenge at the same time. Children’s curtains are available in a variety of vibrant colors, textures and attractive designs. The most popular children’s curtains are printed with their favorite cartoon characters, educational themes, sports logos etc. Usually curtains for children’s room are made from a lighter fabric to allow enough light during the daytime, however bright and lively shades are becoming a preferred choice these days. Most of the times, black out curtains are used in nurseries.

The fabric that you use can make loads of difference to your interiors. For instance, you can use silk curtains to dress smaller windows and jacquard curtains to dress taller windows. Similarly you can use designer curtains to accentuate your living area and cheap curtains in kitchen as they would be washed more frequently. Maintenance is another factor that one should consider; fabrics like silk or faux silk curtains need more attention and care and thus should be dry cleaned rather than hand washed.


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