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Taped Voiles

Taped voiles work just like pencil pleat curtains and are considered as the most elegant heading for voile panels. They are hung on curtain tracks as well as poles by the use of hooks which are attached on the tape. The tape also has a pocket which allows for use with curtain rods or curtain wire. Net curtains or voiles have a unique way of giving your windows a elegant look during the day. Windows without nets really give the room a 'cold and unwelcoming' appearance.

Our range consists of beautiful white voile panels with stunning prints and embroidery. Taped voiles are slightly pricey, but the overall look and quality is definately worth every penny. In our design consultation service we only recommend taped or pinch pleat voiles.

Taped voile curtains can be used with curtain poles, curtain tracks, curtain rods, curtain wire. Most taped top voiles have a 2 inch tape at the back on to which hooks can be attached. As mentioned there is a pocket available to slot your curtain wire or rod through as well.

What is the difference between nets and voiles? To be honest none really in today's market. In our opinion voiles have been introduced to the mainstream as a marketing term to move away from the old look sheers.

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