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Let's talk about rugs! There are many types that will spring to mind, from a classic Persian rug design to a luscious, faux animal skin that you can snuggle into next to the fire. Rugs are an often overlooked home accessory that can really help tie your room together, as well as offering a little extra comfort beneath your toes. If you've got lovely wooden or marble flooring in your home, think of rugs not as a way to cover them up, but a way to enhance them through variation and decoration. They can also add a soft space to otherwise hard surfaces, great for beneath your feet by the sofa or as a safe, spot for your youngsters to sit and play or nestle in front of the TV.

Types of Rugs

Rugs come in many shapes, sizes and price ranges! Choose from grand rectangular designs that take over your whole living room or vivid runners that help add a dash of colour. Rugs are the perfect solution if you want to add a vibrant focal point to any room. You can also find novelty shapes and patterns perfect for brightening up children's playrooms or bringing a little fun into your home office. Patterns are an important feature too, pick from fabulous florals, simple stripes, traditional weaves or abstract forms.

Rug textures:

Aside from the aesthetic features of a rug, you'll want to consider how they feel. Here's a look at the popular texture options:


For a soft and cushioned touch, try a high piled Flokati rug which will provide a warm and comfortable feeling beneath your feet. These wool rugs are very durable and have a modern appeal.

Hand Carved

Another high pile design, hand carved rugs feature bold patterns made through carving the pile to create visible (and palpable) grooves.


Shag high pile designs may be most commonly linked to the 70's, but this texture has never gone out of style! Wonderful for lying on, they're thick, warm and fluffy underfoot.

Flat Weave

Uncomplicated and highly durable these low pile rugs can come in a range of materials from pure wool to synthetic. They can be completely washable/wipeable meaning they're most effective for use in family rooms or hallways.

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Looking After Your Rug

  • Stop uneven fading on your rugs by regularly turning those that are in the sun.
  • Use rug undelay to stop your rug from moving on slippery surface, this will help keep your rug in top condition and ensure you don't have any nasty accidents.
  • Had a spillage on your rug? Always blot the area with cool water rather than scrub.

Understanding Your Rug

No your rug doesn't have feelings, but wouldn't it be nice to understand what is meant by the terms used to describe it?

Warp and Weft: the threads used to form the base of the rug; Warp is the thread running length ways and Weft cross ways.

Pile:this is the woollen thread which stands up on the face of the rug. High pile means it has long threads.

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